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A Thank You to Lotte

Since losing Emma, the friend who has brought me the most comfort, who has lifted my spirits in my darkest and loneliest hours and who instinctively knows the right way to behave is my beloved Lotte. Emma loved her as dearly as I do and I don't doubt that Lotte feels the pain of the loss of Emma too. She has been an invaluable support to me and I hope I have for her too.

A wonderful companion, Lotte is attentive and loving, instinctively sensing when I need company, and will come and sit on my lap. She entertains me constantly and is a great listener. This is why it was so important to me that Lotte join me on this special journey. Her safety and comfort are my top priority and it has been a real pleasure to have her accompany me.

During bereavement, our four legged friends are a great help and source of comfort. At a time when we are hypersensitive to every comment and reeling from one emotion to another, they offer a sympathetic expression, a nuzzle, a wagging tail and even a rough tongue to lick salty tears.

One of the comments that those who've reached out and shared their stories of loss is the pressure they feel to stop grieving, the loneliness or casting adrift from others, the feeling of being lost and alone but I also appreciate how difficult it is for those who haven't experienced grief to know how to comfort, what to say or how to help.

So with the help of some four legged friends I'd like to share with you this light hearted look we found which has some suggestions of what to say and what not to say to the recently bereaved. I hope you enjoy it :)


Angel - Andrea Begley
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