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Lest we forget ...

We passed La Doua French National Cemetary in Villeurbanne near Lyon and came across this memorial so today’s cycle is dedicated to the memory of these two brave pilots.

“It emerged from the shadow of our night”

On 6th August 1944 a De Havilland Mosquito Twin Prop PR XVI, No. NS 504 from 544 Reconnaissance Squadron from RAF Benson in England was shot down in these parts.

Flight Lieutenant John Stanley Jack Towsey, pilot, age 29

Flight Officer Richard John Kingham, navigator, age 35

Fallen in mission for our freedom, they were part of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

We will remember them.

This memorial particularly struck a chord with me as RAF Benson is very local and I have flown into there a few times when I was a flying instructor.

Angel - Andrea Begley
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