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These tie-on bandanas are being hand-made by friends and family and we are funding the fabric ourselves. 

They will be available in 3 main sizes: Small, Medium and Large.  


To decide which size you need we recommend measuring your dog's neck and adding 10cm with which to tie the bandana around their neck. 


We have provided a table below showing approximate sizes for the majority of dog breeds.  Please use these measurements as a guide only.   It is better to measure your dog's neck, add 10 cms and choose the size. When in doubt, order a larger size and make it smaller by rolling it over a few times before tying.


When fitting your dog’s bandana please ensure that it doesn't restrict the dog's breathing or movement. Once tied, it should be snug but with enough room to fit two fingers between your dog's neck and the bandana.


Be Safe


For your dog's safety we recommend that you do not leave your dog unattended or allow it off lead outside whilst wearing a bandana.


Please ensure your dog is supervised at all times whilst wearing a dog bandana. If the bandana becomes damaged please discontinue use.

Keep bandanas away from naked flames.


We cannot accept any liability for loss or injury caused to your dog by the use of these bandanas.


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