In Memory of Dee Paige

Todays’ cycle is dedicated to my Aunty Dee Dee Paige - 7th February 1947 to 2nd November 2011

Dee was one of nine children – she had five brothers and three sisters. A fun aunt and a loving mum to her five girls – Karen, Janice, Michelle, Donna and Tracy, she also had 17 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren (so far)

Dee worked as a carer for old people and those with mental health issues. She was always there for her girls who have many happy memories of her.

“She used to take us to Hayling Island as kids. She always worried about her weight. One night we found her at the bottom of the stairs, she’d been sneaking down for some cornflakes, she fell and broke her foot but saved the cornflakes!”

So today’s cycle is for you Aunty Dee, we all miss you