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Join Lotte's fan club...

Take a picture of your pet (preferably modelling a daisy bandana) and either email it to us at or tweet us on @daisy_trail on twitter.

How to order your Daisy Bandana

Click on the DONATE button and make a minimum £5 donation. When you get the confirmation email from Virgin Money Giving, use the message form at the bottom of this website page and provide:

  • Your name and email address. 

  • The Donation Reference (starting IDN) in the subject field

  • In the message box tell us your pet's name, the SIZE and FABRIC you'd like and the postal address so we can mail it to you.


When you get your bandana, please take a pic and send it by email or on twitter (as above) and we'll add your pet's photo to the Fan Club Gallery!


The Good News
Since you control the donation, you can be assured that ALL proceeds are going to charity.  We have paid for the material ourselves and the bandanas are being handmade by friends and family. We won't even charge you P&P! 


The Bad News

We are very sorry but only new donations made after 18th September 2015 will be considered. 

This idea is to raise additional funds and if we gave away bandanas for all past donations it would defeat the object.  We hope you understand.


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