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Stopping for breath

Good evening all! Have just spent the last two days resting and catching my breath at Lake Iseo after 14 days of cycling. Have stopped short of Milan just to the North East and am hesitant to go any further South due to the unforgiving metropolis and busy main roads of Milan.

To the North I am aware of the steep mountain roads so will try and delay that little delight for a week or so. I have pretty much planned my route now and intend to hit the Alps shortly after Turin ... I will start to worry about that in a few days time!

My current trauma is the fact that I am still getting over Jim and Natalie leaving me - I had to cook my own breakfast this morning! Lotte is also distraught and has been looking out for Charlie all weekend! On the plus side I am really pleased with how well the fundraising has gone to date. Thank you all so much.

It has really been an emotional roller coaster for me, on and off the bike, and I aim to start sharing some videos soon of my journey so far. I've already covered a third of the milage, pedalling 550 miles and seem to have gained an inner strength that even I didn't realise I had. I just cycle and seem to get a second and third wind and renewed energy between 40 and 50 miles. I'm not sure if Nat and Charlie shared the same experience though! Hope that your legs are now recovered Nat - we pushed it to the limit on Saturday, but thank you, Charlie made his flight (just).

I would like to share a short video of Charlie and I as we first arrived into Split harbour on the way down to the start point. It was an epic two day journey with only a couple of hours sleep and small breaks on the way. As we turned down the winding road into the harbour to catch the ferry to Stari Grad. we were both hit with a wave of emotion that was simply incapacitating. For me it was deja vu having made the same route with Emma over the years and the realisation that my fundraising dream my was about to begin, for Charlie I think it was the fact that we arrived in one piece!

I have two special people with me now. My twin Sister Diggy and my Dad who flew out on Saturday. They both have their own special qualities, which will come in useful over the next week or so!

My Dad has stood by me through some tough times over the last few years. He was my best man at mine and Emma's wedding. It's so difficult telling your Dad that your wife-to-be only has a few days to live and in the same breath asking 'Will you be my best man, as we are bringing the wedding forward to today?"

Despite the obvious pain I was in that day, even though he was hurting too, he held it together for me - just as any proud dad would do to protect their son. Thanks Dad - you have always been there for me in times of need.

Lotte's eye is back to normal and she will be with me again on the bike this week. She has been resting in the campsite and spends most of her time stalking ducks. I have fitted the " Lotte Cam" today to prove it so more videos will follow.

Anyway off to bed now. Tomorrow we set off in a westerly direction and hope to hit Turin by the end of the week.

Take care

D & L


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