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A climb ... and a great view

We left Rijeka this morning en route to Trieste but managed to plant some daisy seeds in the camp before we left. With Phil Vrankovich as my fellow pedaller we set off and decided to take the direct mountain route towards Trieste in order to cut out the longer coastal route ...

However, due to strong headwinds and a killer climb, we reached the top, but simply ran out of light. It was at least a two hour uphill climb in the lowest gear!

Unfortunately this means we are 25 miles short of our target of Trieste and are poised on the mountain top, just south of the Slovenian border.

Halfway up this killer climb we came across some beautiful mini mountain Daisies that gave us a boost. A little message from Em to say 'Keep going guys!'

The good news is it is mainly down hill now into Italy so should be crossing both the Slovenian and Italian borders tomorrow by mid afternoon.

We lose Phil today so it will be a couple of days cycling, just me and Lotte. On Sunday we are joined by Natalie and Jim. Looking forward to catching up. Thanks again for all the love and support from back home. It's helping to keep our spirits up and are feet pedalling.


Dave and Lotte x

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