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Stranded, Storms and Strangers

So the start of our journey has stalled...

Day 1, and we are stranded on the island by thunderstorms.

Perhaps this is Emma's gift to us to stay a little longer, she always hated leaving this idyllic place. It's given me a chance to stop and catch my breath after what has been a very busy and exhausting few months.

Lotte and I are taking time to enjoy the scenery in and around Hvar.

Eagle Radio played yesterday's interview this morning - did anyone catch it? My hero helpers on social media have been retweeting the coverage from Eagle Radio's social media page. Thank you Ladies.

Very excited to see that the donations are still pouring in and we're almost at £2,000 already. Particularly touching was a donation and a lovely message from a complete stranger called Ingrid from Germany who left this message: "I saw your beautiful tandem as we were leaving a service station somewhere in France on Tuesday. I wish you strength and sunshine for the long road ahead. Shame you won't be cycling through Heidelberg but I'll plant some daisies anyway!"

Angel - Andrea Begley
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