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Wheels Keep Turning ...

Well the good news is that we made it to Venice, the sad news is that we will not have time to visit the city itself. Not unless we lose a day. Can't let that happen, bigger fish to fry having to keep up the pace to make it to Milan next weekend.

I'm not sure we'd fit the tandem onto a gondola anyway!

Natalie and Jim joined us from Scotland at the weekend and have already proved their worth. On arrival Natalie washed Charlie's clothes and Jim knocked out a five star breakfast with only one pan! Years in the RAF must have taught him the skills and his culinary timing is on par with any top chef.

Another plus about Jim is the fact that he is a gadget man just like myself.

We've spotted a few on our journey so far including an automatic toilet seat cleaner, a restaurant pager that buzzes to let you know your food's ready and this pop-up kettle which has been put to good use!

It was an eventful morning yesterday. Natalie snapped the key in her suitcase lock and couldn't get her stuff out. Charlie's tent leaked (although his feet stick out anyway) and he was soaked through! The support van battery was flat and we had to delay start until the rain eased a little and thunderstorms passed.

The campsite we stayed at is about 15 kilometres south of where we stopped on the bike so it's a matter of taking the GPS position, transporting the bike on the van and then repositioning back the next day. We try and avoid this, but it involves either a shorter or longer ride which is not really ideal particularly, especially when we're tired - and I was so tired last night.

Jim continues to use his domestic and cooking skills to amaze us. He managed to put up three tents, hangs a washing line and washing and then cook a three course tea, all in a space of an hour! Natalie managed to sleep on a fir cone and Lotte chased a cat across the campsite at three in the morning. Lotte and I laid some daisy seeds at the campsite before we set off.

No target today just 50 miles and wherever we lay our hats! Dave & Lotte x

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