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In memory of Emily Elizabeth Smith

I dedicated yesterday's cycle and blog to my sister in law Tracy's mother - Emily Elizabeth Smith who died earlier this year.

I hope Tracy won't mind me sharing a little more of her story with you. Tracy is the youngest daughter of a large family and absolutely doted on her Mum. As a casual observer I could see how close Tracy was to her Mum. She cared deeply for her and was always there for her right up to the very end. Tracy sent me this message Friday night

"Trying to text through heart-breaking tears isn't easy, a part of life that has to be accepted, but you and I know it leaves a big hole in your life that just cannot be replaced".

I understand this Tracy and I know what a special bond you and your Mum had.

I thought of you and your mum during the cycle yesterday down to the Italian border and last night managed to raise a glass of fine wine to the beautiful relationship you and your Mum enjoyed.

Grief isn't one mountain - it's a range. It's not something you get over, it's something you go through.

Tracy, like me, is still climbing mountains and passing through valleys. I hope you liked the blog and it helps explain your journey to those around you.

I'm waving from my mountain. Take your time and I will see you on the foothills when we both get there. Dave


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